How big are your classes?

Our classes have a maximum of 20 students, currently we are limiting our classes to 16 with 2 staff. 

When does the school run and what days to you have off? 

We run from Sept - June every year. For the most part we follow Wolf Creek School division and their days off. What that means is if there's a PD day or break there will be no school doing that time.

What does my child need for school?

Your child needs indoor shoes (can be slippers) please no laces, a healthy snack and maybe a small backpack to keep his or her lunch in.
In the winter please send outdoor gear (hat, mitts, snow pants and boots) Even if you think the weather isn't nice enough you never know we try and get outside as much as possible. Please label EVERYTHING, sometimes our little guys can't remember what belongs to them.

Can I send my child juice or a water bottle?

We offer water during snack time, or at anytime if a child requests. We ask that you don't send juice as it's messy. We will provide water bottles.

What should I do if my child is sick or not attending class for a day?

Please email, text, Facebook or call the school and let us know.

What happens during bad weather?

We follow Wolf Creek School Division's decisions for school closures - If Wolf Creek Schools close, we close. I will post on the Facebook page, send an email and a text message.

Do you handout Newsletters?

We are trying to stay green, so stay in the loop by checking your email, I email newsletters and post a copy at the school. If requested I can print a copy. I also post reminders via our Secret Facebook group, email or REMIND.

Does my child have to be potty trained?

The answer is Yes.  However That doesn't mean your child cannot come in a pull up, accidents happen sometimes children just get so busy and forget. Often when one child goes we get a whole line up of children who have to go. We can help change your child if they have an accident, however we aren't set up to potty train your child.

Do I have to fundraise ?

No! We are a fundraising free program!

How long has Loving to Learn Preschool been around?

Loving to Learn Playschool has been around since 1997, I took ownership in 2012 and changed the name to Loving to Learn Preschool. 

For any other questions please take a look at our registration form, or contact Candice.

  • $40 Non-refundable registration fee per family, per year
  • Filled our registration form (please make sure you fill out all the sections with legal land address')
  • First tuition will be due August 20, 2021

                                                      We do accept cash, or e-transfer please speak to Candice.

To Register please contact Candice ,You can set up a tour or just a time to meet.
Or you may mail your registration form. 5251 53street, Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1H8

Our full days classes are part of the government subsidy program. Click here for more information

2021/2022 Registration

Online Form - Register here

PDF Form - Download here

​​What do I need to know to register my child?

Your child needs to turn 3 by December 31st of the current school year and must be potty trained.

~We are a fundraising free program~

​​Please check our FAQ's at the bottom of this page for more answers to our most asked questions.

Our Preschool is part of the government subsidy program, ask Candice for more information

How our classes work:

We are at heart a preschool, we attend field trips and events throughout the year which may mean children need to be transported to and from field trips. We also follow our school divisions school calendar and their set days off. We understand this may not work for some families who want full days for childcare, please keep this in mind when registering your child.  

Please contact Candice if you have any questions regarding which classes your child should attend.

Registered students may drop into other classes if there is room; age requirements as above still apply. You must contact Candice ahead of time to confirm space. A drop-in fee of $25 applies and may be paid by EMT or cash.

Morning Classes

Monday/Wednesday 8:45-11:45 - 3/4 year olds $145 Month. Must turn 3 by December 31st 

*We only have a few spaces Monday morning Left*

Tuesday/Thursday 8:45-11:45 - 4/5 year olds – $145/month. *must turn 4 by Dec 31/2021 and be toilet trained 


* A 1 day a week option is available for these classes $80/month. We have limited 1 day a week spaces.

Afternoon Classes

Monday/Wednesday 12:45-3:45 -3/4 year olds $145/month - Must turn 3 by December 31st 

Tuesday/Thursday 12:45-3:45 - 4/5 year olds $145/month -must turn 4 by Dec 31/2019 and be toilet trained

* A 1 day a week option is available for these classes $80/month - We have limited 1 day a week spaces.

Full Day classes
*Our full day classes for all days are full*
We will not be napping in our full day classes, instead using the opportunity to extent and explore our play more. 

1 Full Day 8:45-3:45 Monday or Wednesday - Tuesday or Thursday
- $155/month must turn 3 by Dec 31.

2 Full Days 8:45-3:45 Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday -$255/month 
Classes may change due to registrations.

Weeks in a month change throughout the year and our fees have been broken down into monthly installments for your convenience.

​We’ve created a class calendar closely following Wolf Creek’s School Divisions schedule, that keeps the number of classes even for Mondays/Wednesdays and Tuesdays/Thursdays for our school year. Our yearly calendar will be provided in August. 

We accept registrations throughout the year if there is space.