Learning and Growing through PLAY in our Preschool Adventures

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Welcome to Loving to Learn Preschool!

We believe  your child's early years are precious building blocks for the unique and amazing individuals they are becoming. 

Our mission  is to support your child as they grow in their own way, in their own time, exploring and expanding their capabilities in a loving and caring environment. Fostering their social and emotional development to help them become confidant little people.

Like every quality preschool, our days are filled with PLAY, music, life skills, introductory educational concepts and art exploration.   We take a few minutes every day to talk about something interesting.  We also talk about the calendar, weather and letters and numbers and children have the opportunity to share (We have the children interact and participate during these moments.) 

But it's no secret, young children learn best through play which is why PLAY and EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING is at the core of our operational philosophy. 

LTL kids learn so many things in so many ways, including:

  • how to negotiate, problem solve and other social skills
  • try something and fail and try again in another way
  • math and science by stacking those blocks and having them fall down and figuring out another way to stack them
  • fine motor skills at the play dough and art center
  • gross motor skills through outdoor play like hopping and skipping
  • explore pre-literacy concepts through storytelling and experimentation

What our students and parents LOVE most about LTL is what makes us unique in Lacombe:

GENIUS PROJECTS -  the children's ideas and interests are left out in the classroom for longer periods of time, so we can explore and find out what really interests and excites them (engaged kids learn better!).  

FIELDTRIPS - we take as many opportunities as we can to explore our wonderful community and interact with the different generations and occupations we encounter.  We have a higher-than-average number of out-trips each year and also take time to walk around and explore how Lacombe changes.  [parenting plus! we are a FUNDRAISER-FREE program, just in case you were wondering if these extras mean extra dollars or work for you - they don't!]

DAILY OUTDOOR TIME - fresh air, changing scenery and time to burn-off steam is vital to every growing child, which is why we delight in ensuring your child receives them, every day (parenting plus! - your child will gain competency and confidence in getting themselves dressed for outdoor play at home and recess when they transition to Kindergarten).

CARING, COMPETENT STAFF- we all have childhood memories of favorite teachers.  At LTL, we strive to be one of those same positive memories for your child.  In truth, every child becomes a part of the LTL family.  We have a certified Teacher on staff plus all of our teachers have training and experience in early childhood or education.  We are constantly taking workshops and courses throughout the year to keep ourselves inspired for our little kiddos.

‚ÄčThis year we have been lucky enough to be trained and coached by the Alberta Human Services funded project called ASaP - Where teachers are coached on the pyramid model and universal supports for all children. This program has been a fantasic learning opportunity and we are glad to be apart of such an exciting program! Visit http://www.gritprogram.com/ASaP for more details.

Our preschool program runs from Sept- June, the preschool care is closed for the summer. However we run two summer program through our LTL Summer care program. Visit our Summer program page here for more details.